Overclocking cpu problem Game crashes or closes unexpectedly

Hi guys i overclokd my Cpu from 2.66 to 3.2 and now i have a problem when i overclockd my cpu i got a crash in the games all games closes Automatically afte few secend gameplay and some time when i whatch the movies with Windows Mediaplayer its closses by self unexpectedly.
Game crashes or closes unexpectedly IDK why what did i wrong or what is wrong plzz help..
My system is..


Intel Q9400 95w
CPU Cooling- Crossair h50
Case-Haf 922
Ram Kingston 3x 2GB Pc 6400
Motherboard-Asus P5Q SE2
Graphicard-Gigabyte HD 6970 2GB
Powersupply- Axio750w

OC setting.

Bios has updated to the lates version.
Ai overclock - manual
FSB frequency - 400
PCIE Frequency=100
FSB strap to northbridge - auto
DRAM Frequency=auto
DRAM timing control - auto
DRAM Static read control- auto
DRAM read training - auto
Mem. OC changer - auto
Ai clock twister - auto
CPU voltage- 1.36250
FSB termination voltage- auto
Memory voltage- auto
Northbridge voltage- auto
Southbridge voltage- auto
Cpu GTL reference - auto
Cpu spread spectrum- disable
PCIE spread spectrum- disable
Cpu clock skew- auto
Nb clock skew - auto
Cpu margin enhancement - optimized
Im noobi for those things What system do i need to change or what you guys recommend to change sorry for my Bad english :D
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  1. Did you prime 95 your system after overclocking to check your stability? And when your games crash do you get a blue screen?
  2. No i did not prime95 or idk how to do that.
    No idont get blu screen it just gose to the desktop
    And im useing a windows 7 ultimate 64bit..
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