Building New High End Pc- Have a few questions

I am building a new system. I do Marketing, Graphic/Web Design, and Web development. I use all of Adobes CS3 programs. I do some video rendering(mostly home movie, but some stock video from istock for clients projects) Because of the variety of tasks I do, I have a lot of programs. Here is my current build:

Windows Vista Business 32 bit OS
Antec 900 Black Mid Tower Case (piece of junk)
Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi AM2+/AM2 AMD 790FX ATX Motherboard
2 ea Sceptre 24" monitors (used in extended desktop)
Antec 650W ATX12v Crossfire Ready Power Supply
1 ea Western Digital Caviar RE2 WD1000FYPS 1TB 3.0gb/s HDD
1 ea Western Digital Raptor WD 1500ADFDRTL 150 GB 10,000 RPM Sata 1.5gb/s HDD ( Boot drive)
2 ea Sapphire 100225L Radeon HD 3870 512MB 256-bit GDDR4 PCI Express 2.0X16 HDCP Ready Crossfire Video cards (not set up in cross fire mode)
1 ea AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3Ghz AM2+95w Quad-Core Processor
2 ea G.Skill 4gb (2X2gb) 240 pin DDR2 SDRAM 667 (PC2 5300) Dual Channel RAM

I just bought a Lian Li ARMORSUIT PC-P80R to start my new build. I will be building a 64x Microsoft Vista Business OS. I want the 64x because of the RAM limitations of a 32 bit system. I use a 64 bit at work. Here are my questions.

Is it better to get a workstation board that have dual sockets for my needs? I know Adobe can't take advantage of 8 cores yet, but it would be nice to future proof. Or should I look at a high end single socket gamers board?

I really want fast boot times. I was planning on mirroring my boot drive which will be 10,000 RPM, but would I gain anything by stripping the drive also?

Getting these questions answered will go a long way in picking the components I want. Thanks.
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  1. When you say you current build are you saying this is currently what i'm running off of? Or this is the parts i'm looking to buy? If you fill out this form it will greatly help us in suggestions for your new computer.

    My opipion is an i7 rig would suite your needs quite nicely. I think it would target your needs the best. Need more information on a budget your looking at.

    Key Concerns:
    you want a 64 bit OS and not a 32 bit OS like you noted, otherwise you won't be able to utilize all your ram.

    If fast boot times are your progatory then go with an SSD drive and a 1TB western Digit BLACK drive. (sorry I do not currently have a good recommendation for an SSD drive but maybe one of the other forum residents can help me suggestone to you). That raptor drive even though its 10k rpm is starting to show its age.
  2. ^ agree, more info about what you want would help, but from your description the i7 920, X58 mobo, SSD boot drive, 64 bit OS (Vista or may try windows7 RC)
  3. Just to be clear, most of the parts listed will not go into the new build, such as MOBO, processor, RAM and yes this list is what I am currently running. I appreciate the reply, but I would like specifics on why the x58 mobo? why not a dual socket board with a xeon or operton processor? The i7 processor I know is twice the cost of the phenom (and granted way better) but would I not be better served with a dual socket? This why I could add a second processor if.when needs arise.
    Also aren't the SSD drives much more expensive per gb/cost? I really need a HDD that has 150gb storage space. My current boot drive already has 110 gb of memory being used for program files, and yes all data files are on the secondary drive.

    As far as my budget. that is not much of a concern. I really though would not like to shell out $999 for an i7 extreme especially since intel is working on 8 core processors as is AMD. So I guess I am a little price sensitive, I just want the right mobo to start (single or dual socket) then I will suck it up and buy the right processor. I want this rig to last three years ( with upgrades along the way).
  4. +1 for the i7 suggestions. Anything else would be short sighted IMO.
  5. Are you currently processor bound? Do you use Task Manager or some other utility to monitor your per cent of CPU Usage while you are running your applications?

    If you are currently using 100% of your processor, then you will improve your performance by getting a more powerfull processor, probably the i7.

    If you are not using 100% of your processor with your current processor, you probably want an upgrade anyway, but one of the AMD AM3 processors will give you good performance, and an upgrade path with future AM3 processors.

    You can also use Task Manager to monitor your memory usage. If you are using 100% of your physical memory, and then going into paged memory, getting more memory will do more than anything else to improve your performance. If I were building a new system, I would not use Vista 64, I would use Windows 7 RC. When the evaluation period expires, back up your system and do a clean install of Windows 7 home premium OEM.
  6. No I would not recommend the i7 965. Go with the i7 920, which is about $280 bucks depending on the vendor. This is also the reason for the x58 motherboard. The i7 is currently only supported by x58 motherboards.

    Yes intel is working on new cpu's but they always are. And as why_me noted anything other than an i7 would be short sighting yourself.

    I'm not sure if i'd go the AMD route on this build since its more targeted towards general use computing vs gaming -> just my opipion.

    I guess your price senestive then why are wanting to deal with a dual socket board (aka skull trail). That can become extremely expensive. As i stated above in my earlier post, if your willing to fill out that template we can help you in much more detail. I still am very unclear what's in and what's out of your current build and budget constraints. You state that SSD's are to expensive for your taste yet later down you say budget constraints aren't an issue. Please help us help you.
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