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i have a athlon x2 4800+ brisbane (2.51g) on asus m2n mx se mobo 4g(2+2) 800mhz ddr2 ram.500watt psu.using xp x64.
i recently purchased a geforce 9500gt ddr2 512 mb for rs 3200/-($64).previously i had a radeon 3850 1g ddr2 which i had to return due to random crashes nd freezing vpu recover messeges.i suspect the power supply to be i am using this 9500gt card which has no issue but after using the 3850 for around 3-4 months it seems weak nd shallow.i have a 5-6 yrs old samsumg syncmaster tft monitor 15" which can only support upto 1024*768 res.
i play games like cod series nfs series nd fifa series and i hardly play crysis or fear.
so my question is : will i be able to play those games on high settings(1024 *768 :pfff: ) on my 9500gt?or should i keep the 3850(which im planning to sell)?is some special kind of psu or connector needed for the card (i saw 350-400watt should be enough).will 3850 for 1024*768 res be a bit of a overkill??or the 9500gt will be enough??now im short of money :cry: i am not planning to spend much on my gpu or monitor...thanks all :) .
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  1. You bought a card that is weaker than ur previous card.
    But now you have no other option but to keep the 9500GT.
    Now try to sell that 3850.
    And you will be able to play those games on high on that resolution but with full AA......I don't think so(as it is a cheap ddr2 card).
  2. yes i know :sweat: i have downgraded it from 256 bit to 128bit nd from 1g to terribly short of money i had no other option but to buy 9500 gt or the 4650(1g) or 4670(1g)..the 4650 is another rs 1200/-($24) more and ive heard somewhere that 1g with a 128bit bus is a bit of a i went with the id probably have that 3850 on wednesday....though the 9500 is about 4 days old im not hesitant to sell it and keep the 3850 (because its soo soooo good)...but then comes the crash issue and the psu problem again :cry:
    what about overclocking the 9500??will i be able to extract enough juice out of it to run these smoothly?
  3. If you overclock that card there will be a performance boost i agree but you know that in india even the room temps are so high so you might not be able to overclock it heavily.

    The best thing comes in my mind is to sell both the cards and buy Ati radeon 4670 512MB.
    It is superior than both of the cards due to its ddr3 memory.
    Other option is 9600GT.

    But if selling both the cards dont fetch you enough money then keep the 9500GT.
    Its not that bad dude.It will run any game on 1024X768.

    And sell that 3850 as soon as possible.Cuz the sooner you sell the more money you will get.
  4. thanks shubham for ur quick reply..selling both of the cards is a very nice option...i just contacted the service centre of ati and they have said that the 3850 is not available so i might get a full refund :bounce: ..only a hint of a chance otherwise i ll sell it as soon as possible.yes its very very true.. heat is a huge issue in india..37c avg room temp.i actually tried to overclock my very old nvidia 7 series gpu and didnt have any overheated n crashed most of the time.
    and on the otherhand ive a medium--low-med cpu which is obsolete these days nd a poor quality mobo which does not let me overclock whatsoever nd does not support am2+ or am3 socket to upgrade the my second thought is to keep the cheap 9500gt nd change the entire system when i ll have the money.
    in my town no one absolutely no one is interested in gaming they are still in their vice city n fifa 2002 days :non: so i am quite sure i ll not get good money selling my 4 day old card :??: ..thank u for ur time nd ideas... :)
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