Slow network connection/internet until unplug - plug cable twice.


I have been experiencing a weird situation: On a second computer connected through a network cable, placed in another room 6 meters from the router (canyon something wireless router) I am almost always experiencing veeery slow internet/network speeds after windows starts.

If I open a browser, the first part of the first website that I open seems to load fast, then it kinda just halts and I'm waiting for like 2 minutes to completely load. If I try opening another tab in the meantime and try to open Google for example, it doesn't load at all, or loads very slow.

I suppose I could say internet comes in short bursts.

However, if I unplug the cable a couple of times from either the computer or the router, it then works like it's supposed to. for a while, then it kinda starts acting funny again. Thing is my GF is using that computer and she's always whining about the connection.

Through the same router on another port I am experiencing no problems at all. I tried flashing/upgrading the router's firmware, replaced the UTP jacks on the cable, uninstalled the network card from device manager, fixed IP, DHCP, no matter what I do it still behaves the same.

Does anybody have any idea?
Thank you!
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  1. Could be software.
    First, Scan the computer for viruses. Then scan again with another AV program.
    Then check to ensure no processes are consuming the CPU time on the computer. Task Manager-Processes Tab

    Could be hardware.
    Try a different port for her.
    Try connecting your computer in her location.
    And then connect her computer in your location.
    Just swap the computers, don't change ports or cables.
    This will narrow it down to the network issues or her computer.
  2. Thanks lyleb, I've tried everything and narrowed it down to the hardware on that machine.

    With a different network card I got for free from a friend the connection is lightning-fast now.
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