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I have a CD-RW drive and want to create a DVD video. When I insert a DVD-/R it says there is no disc. A CD-R is detected and will copy my viedo but I am unable to view it on my TV/DVD player. Do I need a different burner or software to create slide shows that can be view through my DVD payer?
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  1. You need a DVD burner to actually burn DVD's and then you also need software to convert your source material to DVD format. Thats assuming it isnt DVD format already. Failing that you could buy a DVD player that will play DIVX or AVI files.

  2. Yes, you need to buy a DVD burner.

    When it comes to DVD brand, I prefer Verbatim DVD+R (single layer 4.7GB), and DVD +R DL (dual layer 8.5GB). Also, it is best to burn at 2.4x speed if you want to play it back on a standalone DVD player (i.e. not a DVD drive in a PC). Faster burning tends to induce higher rates of errors on the DVD which some standalone DVD players cannot handle.

    You can always decide to burn at a higher speed (4x, 6x, etc...), but you should test out the burn by paying back the entire DVD to make sure there is no skipping on a standalone DVD player.

    If you need a free DVD burning software, then you can try ImgBurn.
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