AthalonII x2 stability issues

So i posted a thread earlier, but can't seem to find it right now, but the jist of the problem is that my non OCed athalon II x2 AM3 was crashing the system while using handbrake, and fails the amd overdrive stability test's calculation test. I ran memtest and the memory checks out, but when I tried to run prime 95, the whole thing went to hell and I couldn't get any sort of results

so, to try to fix the problem, I tried overvolting a step and no avail of course, and was wondering what recourse there might be other than getting AMD to try and help me

Athalon II x2 regor AM3 3.0ghz
Foxconn A7da-s 3.0
G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600)

temps aren't an issue, and as far as I can tell power isn't an issue

everything is running at stock speeds and should there anything else I can try short of calling up AMD
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  1. What is your ram currently running at? (CPU-Z will tell you).

    Do you have the newest BIOS for that board (these chips are quite new, so that could be an issue).

    Set the BIOS to failsafe Defaults and try booting.

    Try booting with only one ram stick present (try each, this could be a ram issue).
  2. ram is running at 667

    the bios is up to date

    not sure how to set the bios to failsafe defaults

    i'll try booting with one ram stick, but I've not only run memtest 86, but also windows memory checking utility, and both came back clean
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    Try running the Ram at 533MHz and see what happens. "Technically" that is all the AII supports. Sometimes Memtest misses memory error that Prime95 fines. No guarantee, but these are easy checks to try.
  4. thanks

    undercloccking the memory seemed to solve the problem

    temps were running a little higher...about 52-53c during the stress test, but i believe that should be just fine
  5. Well, let us know what happens. Like I said, that is all that is officially supported, but I have seen others running higher. I only run at 1066 though. I hope that did fix your problem.
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