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Hey everyone,

I have a Sapphire HD4850. My idle clocks with one monitor used to be 160/250. When I added the second monitor, the idle clocks became 550/993. I knew through some research that you need to keep your memory at 993 in order to run dual monitors fine without flickering.

So, I went to the profile directory and opened the xml file. I can see the clocks setup, but the 550/993 are not there. I have no idea where the 550 came from if it is not present in the profile. I changed the clock target, restarted CCC, and applied the profile, and all I got was 160/250 which caused flickering.

So my question is how can I lower/experiment with the core clock while keeping the memory @ 993 without flashing the BIOS. I just want to do it through the profile xml file.

I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you,

N.B: Here is the .xml file I modified.
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