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I've just set up a raid1 config in my pc using 2 hard drives. I immediately encountered the problem of windows 7 blue-screening because some registry entry was set to the wrong value. After disabling the raid and changing the registry value, I was able to boot windows with the raid enabled.
Now here's my question. I have bootable images of the windows partition as a backup if anything would go wrong with it. However most of them were made before the raid, so they still contain the wrong registry value and would cause windows to crash again when restored.
Now I'm wondering whether it's possible to change the sata controller mode from raid to ide again, which should allow windows to boot so I can fix the registry value. If I reset the sata controller to raid mode afterwards, will the raid be restored like before?

Any help would be really appreciated

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  1. If you disconnect the two raid drives and disable raid, boot with old drive fix, then reconnect the raid drives and enable raid again, you should be OK. Or you could just clone your Raid 1 drive to the old one.
  2. Ok, so first I disconnect the drives and then disable the raid? Not the other way around?
  3. I'm also wondering, if I reinstall windows 7 on a hdd which is not part of the raid but it is on the same sata controller (which is ofcourse in raid mode instead of ide), do i have to load raid drivers during the installation or not?
  4. Am I missing something? Why don't you just make another bootable image from the system as it's currently working?
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