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Hello All,

I would like any tips on replacement of my bios chip for my Abit I38 Quad GT motherboard. I got a flashed chip from Biosman and I just want to do a swap out. I am getting mixed results from my search on the threads. The new bios was created to allow full use of my QX 9770 processor. The version I have now is 11. I will swap out to 14. Is it really simple as just swapping one for the other? Should I do anything first? My voltage settings are all default and in auto. All is working fine now. I probably do not need the change but why not use all my processors potential. Thanks in advance.

My computer

Intel qx9770 3.2mhz
Abit x38 ver 11
8gb Corsair pc2-6400
Sapphire 4870 1GB
WD Blk Caviar 750gb-
\250gb OS partitioned from the WD
/500gb Storage partitioned from the WD
200gb Maxtor dualbtVista64
500gb Maxtor Storage
Cosair TX650W
Hauppauge HVR 1600
Cooler Master mini tower
Zalman CNPS9500 AT
Windows 7 Pro 64
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  1. Just do a full back up of your PC first (including the old BIOS).

    That's all the prep work you need.
  2. I just read that I must clear my cmos prior to booting up with the new bios chip. Online recommendations include; use on board jumper to clear cmos. And, or enter into bios via del key and direct the bios to use default settings. Any validity to this suggestion? This from an 4/09 article.
  3. Anyone else with an opinion?
  4. Ah, you meant the whole physical chip.

    Then, yes, clear your CMOS.
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