Hp pavilion a1600n video card upgrade

Hello, I am looking to upgrade my Hp pavilion a1600ns video card. I am upgrading my video card for gaming purposes, or just better performance. I currently have a Nvidia Geforce 6150 LE (it came with the computer). Im just wanting to know what is right for my computer. My price range is about 120 bucks. If you can link me some video cards that would be awesome. Thank you for your time.
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  1. Hi ferndizzle, first off, can you actually remove your current card? Lots of laptop video cards are actually soldered onto the motherboard, making replacement only possible when the entire motherboard assembly is replaced.

    You also have to consider the power requirements of the new card, which will probably require more than your current one. Can your laptop handle the increased demand?
  2. The Nvidia Geforce 6150LE is integrated graphics on a desktop PC. If your model is a1600n (not a slimline) and you have a 300 watt power supply i'd suggest this card.

    To get a more powerful card you'd probably have to upgrade your power supply also.
  3. Ok thanks guys, i went to bestbuy and got a ATI radeon hd 4550, talked to one of the workers and he looked at my computer spec and said my computer had the right amount of watts and system requirements. My computer is not a laptop, its a desktop. I have it all ready installed it and is working great, but i did lose the audio on my computer. Can you help me with that?
  4. What is your sound source, onboard or a seperate soundcard?

    Are n't you a Dickens character?
  5. Dickens character? Oh and i fix my prob again =X. I went into Bios and i enabled the onboard sound. thanks though
  6. So everthing is fine, i fixed all my prob and would like to thank everyone for their concerns and advice. Thanks again!
  7. i have the same computer as u ferndizzle. i have a hp pavilion a1600n with 1gb (1024mb) of ram and a 200gb hardrive. i have a amd athlon dual core proccessor and a nvidia graphics chip. it runs windows xp media center editon 2005 but im going to upgrade to windows 7 soon. can you tell me if my pc specs are good and if i sould upgrade my ram. i wanna upgrade to about 3gb. will this make much of a difference and how much will it cost because its ddr2. what other upgrades should i make and is my pc good for gaming.
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