Overclocking possible on stock Intel dh67cl mobo and corei5 2500k?

I recently built a new pc with
Intel DH67cl mobo,
Intel core i5 2500k cpu
4gb ddr3 ram
600 Watt cooler master psu
Cooler Master gladiator 600 chassis

Can i overclock my cpu with the stock cooler and stock everything? and to what extent (i want to play it safe).

I just want a few hundred exttra MHz for my emulation.

Please guide me the steps. thank you
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  1. You should be able to add 400mhz. You could go higher by changing the bclk but I'd recommend not to as it can cause corruption.
  2. H67 was designed to only overclock the GPU part of Sandy Bridge. Some manufacturers may have added workarounds in the BIOS to be able to overclock +400MHz Turbo, but I'd say it's unlikely that Intel has done it.

    You can see if the BIOS even has the option to adjust the multipliers. You can take a look at your mainboard manual to see if it says that option is there.
  3. thank you guys, i'm going to look into my mobo's documentation and bios settings
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