Computer will not recognize hard drive after formatting

After my new hard drive had problems taking new files, I decided to slow Format it. I did and it still did not work so I restarted my computer and now it cannot recognize the device (all but few diagnostic programs can). I assume that something during the formatting process went arie and now I have this "Unknown Device" connected to my computer.

Windows 7 32-bit


HDDScan S.M.A.R.T. Report
Firmware: 1AA01113
Serial: S13TJ9BQ911750
LBA: 976773168

Report By: HDDScan for Windows version 3.3
Report Date: 2/5/2011 5:10:13 PM

Num Attribute Name Value Worst Raw(hex) Threshold

001Raw Read Error Rate 1001000000000000-0000051

003Spin Up Time 0850850000000000-148C011

004Start/Stop Count 1001000000000000-001C000

005Reallocation Sector Count 1001000000000000-0000010

007Seek Error Rate 1001000000000000-0000051

008Seek time Perfomance 1001000000000000-0000015

009Power-On Hours Count 0970970000000000-3BCD000

010Spin Retry Count 1001000000000000-0000051

011Recalibration Retries 1001000000000000-0000000

012Device Power Cycle Count 1001000000000000-001B000

013Soft read error rate 1001000000000000-0000000

183SATA Downshift Error Count1001000000000000-0000000

184End To End Error Count 1001000000000000-0000000

187Reported Uncorrectable Error 1001000000000000-0000000

188Reported Command Timeouts 1001000000000000-0000000

190Airflow Temperature 07107129 C 000

190Airflow Temperature Minimum07107129 C000

190Airflow Temperature Maximum07107130 C000

194HDA Temperature 07007030 C 000

195Hardware ECC Recovered 1001000000000098-2204000

196Reallocation Event Count 1001000000000000-0000000

197Current Pending Errors Count 1001000000000000-0000000

198Uncorrectable Errors Count 1001000000000000-0000000

199UltraDMA CRC Errors 1001000000000000-0000000

200Write Error Rate 1001000000000000-0000000

201Soft Read Error Rate 1001000000000000-0000000

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  1. Screw it ill return it as DOA
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