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Hi, I'm looking for a laptop which is has great graphics. I know you should have a dedicated video card or somthing, but I'm not sure which one that is. So, I need to know if either an "Intel GMA 4500MHD" or and "ATI Radeon HD3200, RS780M" are dedicated ones? Or which ones better...thanks.
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  1. Both of the ones you listed are IGP (Integrated Graphics) and NOT dedicated graphics. For a good (smiler to a mid range desktop) gaming laptop, plan on spending ~$1000-1500+. Keep in mind the 9600M (Mobile) != 9600GT (Desktop) in performance.

    Out of the 2 IGPs listed, the 3200 is better.

    You will need a dedicated GPU only if you plan on using a laptop as a serious gaming set up. IGP graphics are good enough for watching vids,etc.
    For more info/comparison on mobile GPUs see:
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