Installing Core 2 Duo E7500 2.9 On a 945 GCCR mother Board

while trying to install the CPU, the computer wont turn on, its like the board does not support it. i have tried to update the BIOS but i got no result. any suggestions or ideas about this issue, i appreciate your help. thanks in advance
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  1. Can you post the speca / make etc of the equipment you are using ? I cant say I have heard of "GCCR"
  2. well yeah its Intel® Desktop Board D945GCCR, i checked the list of cpu comptability , the e7500 is not supported, but the question is , is there anyway we can install it ?
  3. buy a new board. G31 or G41 based mobos are good and cheap, try getting a gigabyte one. i just built a system with one and it seems like a quality board.
  4. You can install it just fine, but like you said "its not supported" so it will not run. That chipset cant run the 45nm CPUs.

    For the price of the 7500 you coulda got a e5200 and a motherboard.
  5. No, it will not work.

    Exchange it for an E5300 and Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L.
    The total cost for the CPU and Motherboard is only $2.99 more than the E7500 alone and, most importantly, they are compatible with each other.
    The E5300 can easily and safely be overclocked to match and exceed the E7500's stock speeds.
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