Core speed OC'ed in CPU-z/everest but I never OC'ed this computer

Sorry if this is a huge noob question but I tried googling but couldn't find anything definitive.
So here's the problem (if there even is one), I've recently been looking into OC'ing my i5-750 and have been looking at my computers stats/temps with programs like Everest, CPU-Z, and Hardware Monitor. What I noticed though is that in CPU-Z and Everest my core speed is higher than the stock core speed (~3.1GHz vs 2.67GHz), however I've never changed or touched any settings on this PC since I built it last summer. So I guess my questions is, is there something wrong, or is this just normal? I'm also just running the stock HSF and my temps when idle are ~44C, which seem a bit high... I have a SS of CPU-z but I'm not sure how to upload/attach it.
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  1. Okay I figured out how to add images...

    Here's the CPU-Z screenshot

    If it's not showing up this is the link to the image:
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