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Hi... building a new computer gigabtye ma785gmt-ud2h am3 1666 amd phenom ii 965 3.4ghz cpu western digital black 640 or 1Tb antec 650 watt psu windows 7 and ati radeon 57 or 58 series after xmas.... I have two questions ,,,LOL... what ddr3 memory would be compatible ? And is this a good build system??? thanxz for you advice....
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  1. Memory Standard: DDR3 1800(OC) / 1666 / 1333 / 1066

    Looks like a solid build to me.

    If you get the 1 TB HDD, make sure it runs at 7200 RPM's.
  2. Good news!, I poled all the manufacturers of ddr3 and none of them said they were incompatible.
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    Even better news. Gigabyte provides a list of validated memory modules.
  4. im going NUTS trying to decide what -BLEEEEEEP- memory to put in this . Think im suffering information overload LOL ..... Kingston Hyper or OCz,,,,,???
  5. Of those 2, get the OCZ.
  6. hi theViper, i eventually found a great deal for A-Data and went with them. Apperently they are a good memory ....
    I've been reading about having a balance system.... is this ok....
    Gigabyte ma785gmt-ud2h MoBo
    phenom ii 965x4 3.4 ghz 8.0 cache with cooling fan
    sata W.D 640 caviar hd 7800 rpm 32 cache
    and of course, A-Data XPG ddr3 @ 8 gigs

    this is my first build , and to have a little feedback as to how i did from a more knowledgeable person would be interesting....or not...LOL.. and any suggestions as to what gaming video card to install ...

    thanxz for your help and wish you a good Holiday Season
  7. A-Data are OK.

    The build looks relatively balanced to me. I assume you are still getting the Antec 650 watt PSU? What resolution is your monitor and budget? That will help me suggest the right GPU for you.
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