CD rom Drive wont spin disks and isnt in my computer or device manager

I've done everything I can think of to fix the CD Rom drive issue. I connected the drive to the mobo again insuring the connection was tight, disconnected the top non-working drive. I have 2 on my dimension 8400 (1 DVD and one CD) and I disconnected the power and everything from the DVD since the tray doesnt work.

So I updated the bios from A2 to A9, reconnected everything, disconnected and reconnected again. All that.

My computer doesnt show it but it still shows the old F drive which wont read anything.

I checked the BIOS, Device Manager, My computer all that and its not there at all.

It opens, closes, and the green light comes on that a CD is in there but it wont spin the CD at all so what can I do?
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  1. Make sure the particular SATA/PATA port is enabled in BIOS. If it's not, enable it, save and exit, and go back into BIOS and see if it shows up. If it's disabled in BIOS, it will be gone from everything. If, after ensuring it's enabled in BIOS, and all cables are properly seated, it's still not working, then swap it with another drive. It could just be a failed drive.
  2. I enabled every single drive the BIOS could enable and it came up with "Sata 1 missing" and on down the list besides the hard drive.
  3. Try a different drive.
  4. Well the 8400 has that proprietary lockout on certain pieces of hardware. So is the CDROM drive locked out? and what size would I need?
  5. Um, nothing on the 8400 requires "proprietary" hardware. RAM, disk drives, CD-ROMS, add-in cards, etc, are all industry standard. And CD-ROMs don't come in "sizes", just get the correct interface. SATA or PATA. As far as what media, you can install a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, BD, whatever. As long as the interface matches.
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