Can Anyone Recommend Built-in Graphics Processors?

Well I've tried posting under motherboards and no one posted a reply, so I'll try here.

I'm trying to find a way to play games such as the Sims 3 on the cheap. My daughter has an older system I built, about 4 years ago, and it's time to upgrade to a new MB / CPU / Memory. I want to find a decent MB that has a built-in graphics processor but, so far, no one (home user) has had anything at all to say about the topic. Although I see several articles (here at Tom's) regarding the ATI Radeon HD3200 chipset and the NVIDIA GeForce 8200 HDMS chipset, and even one article regarding the new ATI Radeon HD3300 chipset, I never see any actual user praising these graphic engines. It would seem to me -- a bargin hunter at heart -- that everyone on a budget would at least start by buying a decent MB with one of these built-in graphics processors onboard and then maybe buying a separate video card when their budget permits.

Does anyone have any experience or anything good to say about these built-in graphic processors? Although my daughter's system currently has Windows XP, I will eventually want to upgrade to Windows 7. Also, I realize that I will have to buy either a new case or new power supply to handle the 24-pin motherboards.

Eagerly waiting your replys, GF! :hello:
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  1. well, AMD/ATI's IGP aka HD3x00 is pretty good, try that out along with the Athlon II X2 250
  2. ^ i agree.
    But if you can find a cheap budget card go for it. Here is one i found that maybe permitted within your budget.
  3. I don't know the requirements of Sims3 but there is geforde9300 chipsets built in out there, and there is some I think ati3400 out there as well which is a bit better then the older 3200

    none of them are for hardcore 3d games (but again I am not sure what sims3 require) they can play wow quite nicely though if that gives you an idea
  4. if you go to the sim3 forums you will see plenty of people having issues running the game with integrated graphics. You can get a ATI 3450 or 4350 for $20-30 and it will make a world of difference.

    FYI, I worked on an emachines PC that had the Nvidia 8200 chip. It had issues running web browsing on a 20 inch screen. A lot of delayed dragging effects.
  5. ive heard the intel GMA x4500 is not bad of a graphics could be wrong
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