Hard disk is not wroking

This is IDE which is an old hard disk. I didnt use it for long time.

* Hard disk is displayed in windows vista. But the size is 0kb
* BIOS displays the hard disk name wrongly. It shows RT240005@ But it should start with STAxxxxxx

Can anyone give me any clue?
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  1. If your drive's actual model number is ST340015A (why did you think that was unimportant?), then it appears that the IDE interface is dropping either bit 0 or bit 8. This points to either pin 17 or pin 4 on the IDE cable.


    Here is a comparison between the good and bad model numbers, in hex:

    52 54 32 34 30 30 30 35 40 RT240005@
    53 54 33 34 30 30 31 35 41 ST340015A

    If the IDE cable checks out OK, then inspect the interface pins on the drive's PCB for cracked solder joints.
  2. You are right about my model no. I am sorry I didnt mention it.

    Cable seems to be good. There should be a problem on the hard disk. I guess i should buy a new one.
  3. Hi,

    I just want to confirm one more doubt.
    My mother has only one slot for ide

    I tried one old dvd writer instead of hard disk.

    After loading the computer, driver can open and close.
    But windows can't recognize what hardware that is. It is not displayed in bios.

    Is it a problem with mother board?
    I tried my old cable.

    Is there any configuration needed for IDE in bios?
  4. Is the IDE device jumpered as a Master or Slave or CS (i.e. Cable Select)?

    If it's jumpered as CS what connector on the IDE ribbon cable is it connected to?

    Does the IDE ribbon cable have colored connectors (i.e. blue, gray and black)? Blue connector to motherboard's IDE (PATA) header, black connector to IDE master device, gray connector to IDE slave device.

    If there is only one IDE device then it must be jumpered as master or if jumpered as CS then it must be connected to the black connector at the end of the IDE ribbon cable.

    You should go into the BIOS setup to determine if the device is enabled and properly detected.
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