XFX 4890 Black edition OR XFX GTX 285 XXX

Hey everyone!

This is only my second post I've ever done, wow..
Anyway, I was really wondering whether or not I would overall benefit from getting a

XFX 4890 Black edition (decided this instead of the atomic edition, as they perform pretty much the same, but the price of the black edition is so much cheaper)

OR A...


My current rig is as follows:

- CPU: Q6600
- Mobo: D975XBX2
- GPU: XFX 8800GTX XT 768MB
- Memory: (2x2GB) Corsair TwinX XMS2 DDR2 CAS 5-5-5-18, DHX
- Hard drive: MAXTOR STM3500320AS 7200rpm - 500GB
- BIOS: 2838 (latest i think)
- Operating system: Windows Vista 64bit Ultimate edition

I do want to keep my CPU and overclock it to about 3.6GHz (When I purchase a Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ) I understand this performs as well as an AMD PHENOM II X4 955, providing I at least clock it to a speed of at least 3.6GHz

I'm intrigued to see what people's views are on this? and maybe this discussion can help any other people that are going through the same problematic decision!

Thanks a lot! :D
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  1. Also, I don't know if its worth to upgrade my motherboard? I've researched that generally, nforce motherboards are crappy for overclocking cpus, but obviously they have sli support. But if I went for an x38/x48 mobo, then I wouldn't have the choice of going SLI.

    So also, my question is do any intel motherboards actually support sli? Thanks in advance once again.
  2. If you went with i7, sli support is there
    As for the cards, heres a great review, which might have you rethink a few things
  3. Hey jay,

    My current mobo has crossfire already...But if I wanted to upgrade my mobo to go crossfire or SLI, i could:

    - Buy an i920, and get an intel SLI mobo


    - Keep my q6600, and buy a P45 mobo with crossfire (which would save money)

    I don't know if buying a new i7 chip will give me much of a boost in terms of gaming, as my monitor size is only 20", 1680x1050. Because I have heard that the new i7 chips are better for gaming, ONLY if you decide to go SLI or CF at higher resolutions like 1080.

    And thanks for the link, but I already have thouroughly checked out that review and comparison of those cards, I've also read a number of other reviews and seen bench marks, as you can see the black and atomic edition of the 4890's performance is very close! I just can't make my mind up on what to do lol.

  4. Does anyone have any wise suggestions or anything?
  5. Well, noise would be one concern, where the Atomic wins, its quieter.
    Perf wise, the 4890s are right up their with the 285s, so the costs are better per performance on the 4890 side. All MHLO o course.
  6. Yeah...the XFX black edition is like 40% cheaper than the atomic edition, but yeah the sound is a factor to consider, but I was planning on buying a heatsink for the 4890, when it gets released that is :).

    I have tried to decide, but its a really tight decision to make, I need fruther advise and help, anyone?

    Thanks once again.
  7. The Sapphire Toxic edition is a good bit cheaper and will perform about the same as that GTX 285. Don't let the high clock of 960 Mhz scare you away from overclocking as one of the three i just ordered can hit 1124 Mhz on the core, but they are all limited to 1078 Mhz when in crossfire (I'm still trying other things at the moment). These cards also run quite cool.
  8. The quietness and overclocking ability is interesting. Hmm...I just tried to look around to see the prices of it (am in UK) and I can't find it anywhere. Strange. It is released in the UK right?

    Do you guys think I should keep my current motherboard or upgrade it? the fsb of my current one is 1333, but would i be able to overclock a q6600 better on a better p45 mobo, i.e 1600fsb? (I know its off topic but oh well)
  9. Would appreciate it if anyone read my main post and helped me...
  10. I'm currently using the XFX 4890 Black edition with an i7 920 and I have no complaints about performance. The only problem I have had with the 4890 is a buzzing when under load, the noise is not coming from the fan. This is the second 4890 I have had this problem with and i'm just going to live with it.
  11. i agree with raven
  12. mgclman said:
    I'm currently using the XFX 4890 Black edition with an i7 920 and I have no complaints about performance. The only problem I have had with the 4890 is a buzzing when under load, the noise is not coming from the fan. This is the second 4890 I have had this problem with and i'm just going to live with it.

    i cant find the 4890 black edition ..where did u buy it??
  13. can't you OC you Q6600 and just keep the mem speed a little lower using the mem divider

    High mem speeds on these chipsets does not make such a difference as cranking up the chips speed.

    mine runs quite happily at 3.6GHz, but you will need Good cooling for this speed/vcore!!! On the best air coolers they run uncomfortably hot at this speed even with the best air coolers - so keep mine throttled back to 3GHz as don't need the speed yet (working, playing old games till after work project)
    btw I am running my Q6600 on an Asus P5K Premium board - old now, P35 chipset, but good.

    Hopefully you won't need a new motherboard for this kinda OC. If you Really do, I'd be tempted to sell my Q6600 and go I7 if I had the spare cash :)

    The I7's OC So dam fast and leave the Q6600 in the dust clock for clock anyways lol

    Have fun with whatever you go with ^^
  14. on the GFx I'd be tempted to go with:

    Asus 4890 frm oc'ers

    as is also cheap - £164.99, in stock, comes @ 950 / 3900 and can increase GPU voltage from 1.312V to 1.4V
    and comes with a 3 years warranty.

    mgclman said his XFX 4890 blacks buzz under load - the capacitors maybe
    and recently read of someones XFX 8600 completely blowing open 4 of its capacitors and other swollen :pfff:

    am temped to go this route too, but am holding onto my 8800GT till the next gen ATI comes - soonish I hope, maybe within 2 months...
  15. Hi Carlos!
    Switching to i7 is going to be costly, it's close to 500 pounds here in the UK (CPU MB and 6Gb DDR3 RAM).
    If I were thinking of spending that much I would seriously have to consider an all new box, at least that way I could recoup some of the expense by selling my current box.
    Right at this instant and bearing in mind your current build might be more than 2 years old by now, I'd drop in the HD4890 from Overclockers, add a better cooler for the CPU, overclock it and build new next year. By then DX11 hardware would be widely available, have stable drivers and Micro$oft should have worked the major bugs out of Win 7.
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