Why do two dsl locations have different upload rates?

I was at my moms, doing some homework and i needed some stuff so i start d/l'ing some torrents. I noticed with µtorrent that she d/l's at like 600Kb/s while i barely get 300Kb/s. we both have DSL through AT&T.
I figured she might be paying more than me so i check the speed test at DSL reports and i show that she has higher latency than me and low d/l and u/l rates according to the flash test....
So what gives I have set up µtorrent properly there is no reason she should be getting better speeds than me.
By the way she runs Vista i run win 7 rtm, but i have the same speeds i have always had with my old computer w/ XP so i don't think its the OS
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  1. That is just a characteristic of the DSL technology. Your proximity to particular hardware in the provider's system determines your maximum speeds.

    I'm sure you can read all about it with the help of google if you so desire.
  2. Ii know i have read that but we only live a few blocks away from each-other.
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