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I own a Plasma with HDMI outputs and already own a Wireless router.

My question, if I wanted to wirelessly connect my PC to my TV, is there a USB or other adapter that I can plug into my TV that would read my signal from my router? This seems like the cheapest option....

If this would work, what are some good examples/brands that I should look in to buying?
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  1. Can't be done.
  2. Pft, or can it..? DUN DUN DUN...

    An invention that hasn't been made yet... engineers get your drawing pads out..

    You'd have to make a receiver to output the HDMI information into the TV... but the hard part is....
    Can you actually stream that much information wirelessly..? I assume this would be really easy to do on something low quality but I don't know enough about wireless bandwidth or HDTV bandwidth information..

    Seriously.... This could be the next big thing... Why am I typing about it on toms instead of doing it myself..? Oh because I don't have the money to research it myself :-)

    Somebody do this and cut me a check!


    Oh wait...

    Its vga, but its a start..


    thanks for the best answer vote in advance :-p
  3. The OP did say HDMI.
  4. http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=438

    Grumpy... lmgtfy.com... heard of it sir?

    Please note, that equiptment does have a disclaimer about optimal quality needing to be wired etc... That goes back to what I was saying about wireless bandwidth...
  5. You can post all the links you want but there's nothing on the market that will connect a PC to a HDTV HDMI port through a wireless connection.
  6. Grumpy...

    The DSM-520 is optimized for HD picture and digital audio quality with the built-in High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port. Connect the DSM-520 to your HDTV using the HDMI connection and enjoy the clarity of digital audio and sharp picture quality with resolutions of up to 1080i (HDMI cable sold separately).

    Are you one of those guys that will tell people to RTFM and you don't RTFM?

    I provided the link because you obviously didn't research this question before you put your first well thought out answer. And yet again after I showed they made it for VGA and HDMI you didn't click the link to see.

    Anyway, I'll just ignore your bad replies and properly reply to stuff from here on out I guess.

    I'm aware you are a moderator, so you should really look into the questions people ask you if you are trying to be helpful and not just up your post count.

  7. Do you RTFM? You can stream media content from your PC but you can't get the PC display on the TV which it seems like the OP would like to do. OP: "I wanted to wirelessly connect my PC to my TV."
  8. You are killing me. You think if they will do something more technologically advanced like stream HDMI, they didn't find a way to also use that exactly same wireless technology to also mimic the display..? Short of looking up more info on that page about what all it can do, or actually buying one and installing it, I don't know what else to say.

    What do you think the screen looks like when its just connected via the software options, its just blank with a big smiley face on it?

    A page im looking at right now has 10+ versions/manufacturers of this technology... None of them expressly say they extend desktop... But I don't see how it wouldn't..

    I'm making an assumption one if not all would somehow extend the desktop as well.. Clearly you can agree that would be a sub-par feat to do, if they are already linking the TV to the computer..

    You could be right though about this much, I don't have any proof yet. But if they don't add this feature.. All I can do is shake my head, and utter "wtf"
  9. Well I apologize if I didn't clearly state previously what my intentions were....

    Using a wireless connection, I'd like to surf the net/ watch youtube (tube videos)/ view CNet video reviews, etc...I already have an Xbox 360 and wireless adapter that I can stream downloaded media from my pc.
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