DVI versus HDMI Cable Question

I currently have a Sapphire ATI Radeon 4850 video card.

It has (2) DVI out ports.

I am going to use the second port for a second monitor (LCD TV) in another room for streaming video and television.

For connecting my 2nd TV here are the current options I have found....

LCD TV --> 50' HDMI Cable --> HDMI - DVI Adapter (F-F) --> DVI Cable (M-M) --> PC


LCD TV --> HDMI - DVI Adapter (M-F) --> 50' DVI(M-M) Cable --> PC

Any other recommendations? I have found long HDMI-DVI Cables at a high price, and it appears using connectors and what not will be cheaper. Basically, I have DVI out card and a TV with HDMI in and it is 57' away. That is my problem and I am looking for input.

PS ~ If this should be in another thread location let me know.

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  1. What happened to the DVI->HDMI connector that came with the HD4850?

    Connect that to a 50ft QUALITY HDMI cable then to the LCD TV and that's your best connection option IMO.
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  4. This is a media PC. I dropped Cable and stream everything off the internet now. The adapter is used for my downstairs TV along with a shorterd HDMI since they are closer. I would need another adapter like that and a approx. 57' HDMI cable. I have to jump up to 75ft, which I found cheapest at about $95-100.

    By doing the other stuff with connectors and what not I can get it between $65-80.

    Any other advice beside getting another adapter and a really long HDMI?
  5. anything over 50 ft we run component over coax. Otherwise we run into interference or to weak of a signal.
  6. Below is the HDMI reference in wikipedia


    HDMI cable without any activie component is limited to 49 feet. Amp, repeaters or equalizers are expensive for extended lenght HDMI.

    I'm using 25feet V1.3 HDMI cable and i have no issues. I can have Audio/Video on HDMI cable....

    Here's my setup for your reference to consider....(Its your choice)

    Video Card : XOC 4890
    Monitor Primary: 24' LCD Viewsonic Monitor 1080P
    Link: DVI/HDMI: I use ATI/HDMI Connector
    Monitor Secondary: 70 Inch HDTV Display 1080P
    Link: DVI/HDMI: I use ATI/HDMI Connector

    1) I use 2 25ft HDMI cable ( One for each DVI output of the 4890)
    2) I use 2 ATI DVI/HDMI connector: Call your Video Card maker and it will send you another DVI/HDMI connector for free. I called Diamond Multimedia and it sent me my second DVI/HDMI connector.
    3) Audio on HDMI: It only comes out on Primary Monitor. To switch the audio you switch Primary Monitor Definition.
    4) For V1.3 HDMI cable @ 25ft it cost me $49 each at Fry's. The brand is PTC. V1 HDMI cable is $29 for 25ft (same brand). V1.3 cable has a higher bandwidth and is better at extended lenght. Read the HDMI wiki for your reference. Check the internet for better options.

    Below is an extended HDMI with BUILT IN REPEATER...~ 89ft. It cost $189.9. Cheaper alternative may be available in the internet.


    5) The cost of extended DVI cable is very close if not the same to HDMI. The HDMI carry the 7.1 Audio so i highly recommend going HDMI for both. One cable for Audio and Video. Refer to notes 2) with respect to DVI/HDMI connector.

    6) Good cables are generally thicker and the connectors are gold plated.
    7) Audio on HDMI only works when i use DVI/HDMI from ATI. I tried 3rd party converter(BFG, Belkin, PTC, )... No audio comes out. When i use the converter from ATI i can get the audio on the 2 DVI ouput (One at a time).

    Again its your choice
  7. If you are running it from a DVI port, you lose the audio. You want audio right?

    Sounds to me like you should just spend a few extra bucks and buy an Apple TV.
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