My Lenovo Laptop wont read my WD external hard drive

Hello, My laptop suddenly stopped reading my external hard drive. The 'Removable Disk' icon doesn't even appear in my computer. I've tried it in all 3 USB ports and the same happens. I fear my Hard Drive could be messed up, and if so how do I get my files off it? Music is easily replaced, but it contains some photos too that I otherwise cant get back.
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  1. Have you tryed it on a different computer?
  2. Yeah, didn't work. :(

    Anything I could do to get the files off? Are there people that actually do that for you?
    Or are my files screwed?
  3. Hi,
    Try to check with different USB drive ...your laptop usb is working or not..!
    Reinstall usb driver in your laptop it may be is not working properly.
  4. What is the make and model of the drive?... Professional data recovery is very expensive.
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