Core i5-2500K(3.30GHz)Sandy Bridge/4.5Ghz OC / [ASUS] P8P67 (B3)

45X multiplier success

Tested on
windows 7 sp1 + LinX_10.3.0.003(number of 25) + p64v266(4 hours)

CPU: Core i5-2500K(3.30GHz)Sandy Bridge/4.5Ghz OC

Motherboard:[ASUS] P8P67 (B3) ,Bios:1503

Memory:SAM SUNG DDR3 4GB(1333Mhz/PC3 10600)*2

CPU V:1.3250V

Ai Tweak- BY ALL CORES/45 Is set

Load Line Calibration :EXTREM
Phase Control : EXTREM
Duty Control : T.Probe
CPU Current :
VCCSA,VCCIO + : Memory - Timings success
VCCSA :1.100v
VCCIO : 1.500v
CPU PLL:1.890v
PCH Voltage:Auto


Full Load: Real Temp3.67 / p64v266_(Full RPM)~77°/(Low Rpm)~81,LinX_ ~84°
CPU Cooling:[NOCTUA] NH-U9B-SE2 ,1600rpm
Case Cooling:
Case:ZM-F3 FDB*120mm/2


Load Line Calibration : EXTRM

EXTRM- voltage increase
Ultra High- voltage drop

LinX new version10.3.0.003 (AVX) many voltage increase. Prime new version (26.3) is very similar response

My CPU voltage and temperature what do you think about?
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  1. Did you have a question?
  2. It seems from other things I've read that you've hit the limit for that CPU.

    It was interesting to see your results from SuperPi. I'm at work and my CAD workstation has and E8500 at 3.8GHz, so I ran SuperPi to compare. My computer finished it in 14M-10s. Your machine is a touch faster than I had guessed a 2500k would be.

    I have done this comparison with an i5-750 at equivalent speeds, and that result was that the i5 was 15% faster than the core2duo. (I must point out that my comparison was only valid for SuperPi, other apps might be different.) Continuing the math and accounting for your clock speed vs. my clock speed, the result is that the 2500k is about 25% faster than the i5-750 at equivalent clock speeds. I did not think it would be that much faster, I had guessed maybe 15% faster.

    I have toyed with the idea of building a new CAD workstation, but my company finances are pretty poor right now. I would prob. go w/ the 2600k and get it a bit faster than 4.5GHz. It would be great to have a new computer that is a full 100% faster than the one that I currently have, which isn't a slouch in itself.
  3. You should check out the Official ASUS P8P67 Series Overclocking Guide and Information thread for more advice on overclocking. You may be able to get higher than that.

    Edit: Though I wouldn't advise going much higher due to those temps. You've got some voltage left to experiment with, but your CPU cooling isn't up to the task of keeping the temps under control when the CPU is fully loaded. 81ºC/84ºC is definitely on the toasty side.
  4. The guy never asked any question.

    I'm not sure what this post is about.
  5. where is the 'MemoryV:1.6500V' in the BIOS ?, i can find everything else but not that

  6. Hi~
  7. Wow lol. That's a long question that asks no question
  8. CPU voltage is fine. The temps do seem high for that OC. Might want to try again with the thermal paste on your cooler. I have my 2600k at 4.9GHz right now, and I'm getting about the same temps as you.
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