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I have the gtx 260 superclock and when it came with the program evga precision I didnt know anything about it so i left it alone. Was just wondering if the settings it has if fine or if i should change them?

core clock = 626
shader clock(seems like i cant move it) = 1350
memory clock = 1053
fan speed(seems like i cant move it) = 40

the tabs are all very close to min. so making sure I am not wasting any of this power by not pumping some of these up

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Are any of your games you play lagging? If so up the speed on the core, shader and memory, if not leave it alone. Overclocking will give you a slight boost making a difference in intensive games, such as crysis.
  2. ok, yea i dont lag in anything, was just making sure it wasnt turned down
  3. You have to disable shader link to move the shader...top right button :pfff:

    And get this you have to turn off auto fan control to control the fan...the button you know that says auto....and you should probably be watching your temps....just because there not high enough to downclock the card doesn't mean there not high enough to cause the cards life span to greatly diminish...
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