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I bought a pair of DDR2OCZReaper1066 and my comp recognized it as 400!! So, I've updated my BIOS to be able to adjust this and my cpu-Z now states: DRAMFrequency at 548.3 mhz, should this be correct? or is that per channel and I multiply that number by 2 to get my actual mhz and thus its actually running at almost 1100? I'm a bit confused from all the reading I've done.
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  1. For DDR 1066 the dram frequency is 533Mhz, so yours is slightly overclocked for some reason. If its stable and you dont get blue screens or freezes than it should be fine.
  2. woot. ty for quick response.
  3. No probs, if you want to be sure everything is ok than download prime95 and run the Blend test. Just keep an eye on cpu temps as they will go quite high in most cases.
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