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hi i'm building my new PC and before i buy the new graphics card for it i would like to hear from all of you about what cards you like and don't like, what cards are good for what and anything else you would like to share. thanks.
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  1. I have just upgraded from a 12 MB 8300 GS to a 512 MB 9600 GSo. Its awesome for my 1440x900 reolution.
    I can even play crysis
    at high(everything)- avg. 23 fps
    at medium(high water clarity)- avg. 33 fps.
    I bought a 128 bit one and it doesnt even require a power connector. The best i have seen in that price range. Better than a HD 4670.
  2. i don't know about the graphics cards but i'm sure if you gave people some more info they could direct you to the cards that are more suited for what you are wanting. ie what resolution you use and some of the specs you are planning for your computer.
  3. 3.2 ghz core 2 duo, 4gb ddr2 ram, 500gb hard drive, 1600fsb intel mobo, these are some of the specs i hope to be getting for my computer which i will use for high end gaming so if anyone knows any high res good gaming cards let me know. i would especially like one that can play full hd dvds
  4. What's your budget? I'd say the 4850, 4870, and 4890 are all great cards, as are the Nvidia GTX 260 and 275. Alternatively, at a lower price point, there's always the 9800GT, 9600GT, or the 4670 and 4770.
  5. i was thinking about the hd4850 so anything around the same price with the same or better specs
  6. The HD4770 is 90% as fast as the HD4850 but it uses FAR less power due to the new 40nm manufacturing process.

    Many people have put the HD4770 in Crossfire.

    Advice depends on the game. For Diablo III, a quad-core CPU and HD4770 will kick ass. For Crysis it will run okay but not on high @ 60fps. A crossfire HD4770 and good quad-core CPU and at least 3GB of RAM will make Crysis run great.

    Half-Life 2 with HD4770 kicks ass (with the rest of the specs being good).

    Why not look up benchmarks or read the Graphics roundups right here at Tomshardware. If you want specific advice list your specs and say what games you want, the money you have etc.

    Gaming cards are getting more complicated.

    SPDIF audio input for HDMI output?
    Physics support?
    Transcoding video?
    SLI or Crossfire?
  7. would the hd4850 be able to play a game like crysis on high settings? ( assuming the rest of my pc is adequate )
  8. Reasonably well, yes, though it heavily depends on the resolution.
  9. I have learnt on toms that HD 4850 is the best card for its price.
    Yes go with it.

    BTW what resolution of ur monitor?
  10. i think its 1280 x 800 but i will hopefully be upgrading it soon, but in case i dont get around to it is my screen good enough to play crysis on and does it support the 4850?
  11. @ Smithinator101: Yes, and yes.
    I'm currently out of work, so know how money can be tight, but would strongly recommend a more powerful card such as the 1Gb HD4870 or GTX260.
    Yes, I know both are hugely over the top for 1280x800, but both have plenty of power in reserve for the upgraded monitor later, and the power now to use high AA/AF settings at the lower resoloution, which will give better image quality without sacrificing FPS.
  12. I would recommend an nvidia card if your a huge crysis fan, since they tend to play better with nvidia based cards.
  13. thanks for all the advice everyone it is very appreciated feel free to keep commenting. could you please recommend some good ( but cheap ) nividia cards with the same or better specs than the 4850. thanks again
  14. The NVIDIA equivalent to the 4850 would be the GTS 250/9800GTX+ (both are the same). If you want something more powerful get the GTX 260 core 216 or the GTX 275.
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