Guys, i have a mobo that has only ONE PCI-E X16 slot, but it runs at x4.

so which is the most powerful graphics card i can get that will fully utilize the capability of the card?

* i ask cause im currently running a shitty 7300 GT... :cry: *
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  1. PCI-E 1.0 or 2.0 because a 4x PCI-E 2.0 slot is equivalent to an 8x slot at PCI-E 1.0 speeds and wouldnt bottleneck as bad
  2. i dont know, how do i find out? do i use cpuz, gpuz, or go to the manufacturers website?
  3. i just checked the specs on newegg, it says "1 x PCI-E x16 (max. 2GB/s, x4 mode)"

    is tht any help...?
  4. A 4670 or 4770 probably wouldn't bottleneck too badly. A 9600GT would work too.
  5. xcellent, thnx.
  6. I believe i read somewhere increasing the pcie frequency from 100mhz would help relieve the bottleneck. =]
  7. If the specs you read are correct, then it's PCI-E 2.0 (4X500Gb/s):

    This is equal to PCI-E 1.0/1.1 at X8.
    That would mean any of the cards so far listed should run with no loss of performance.
    There's an article on Toms about PCI-E bandwidth use but it's for the older PCI-E 1.0/1.1 spec, I'll try to find and link to it.

    Edit, found it!,review-30726.html

    The 9800GX2 results are quite interesting;)
  8. [This is an old thread, but Google likes it.] Those who have x4 or x8 PCIe slots but no x16 slots for video cards may wish to consider the AMD ATI Firepro 2700 x1 Worked fine in my aging Dell 2900 with dual monitors. Performance decent.
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