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Hi guys please suggest a graphic card that i need to buy below $ 175. My lcd supports at rec resolution of 1650x1080 (HD one).. so ill play games at that level only.

i have shortlisted some cards please suggest which model and of which brand should i go for.

ATI 4850 or Nvidia 250 GTS

Available Manufacturers : EVGA, XFX, BFG Tech, MSI,

please suggest which card should i go for another thing is that my power supply is 450 so i cant go for a card that needs 500 or more power.

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  1. Get the 4850 1GB or GTS 250 1GB, which ever is cheaper...
    And any of the above manufacturers would do...see to that they give atleast 3yrs warranty...
  2. Yup, both the 4850 and GTS 250/9800GTX+ perform nearly the same.
    Get which ever card you can locate the cheapest, any of those manufacturers are fine.
    Do not worry to much about getting a full 1Gb of RAM.
    At your resolution you will have little real world use for the extra 512Mb.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys!

    Ill go for a 250 GTS at 512 mb..

    Now one thing XFX and other manufacturers have certain overclocked editions are they worth the extra money or should i stick to stock speed of GPU at 738 mhz..

    Any more suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
  4. I have an XFX GTS 250 with the stock speed. It can overclock to 800. Get the XFX for the lifetime warranty.
  5. Unless you can get the overclocked version for just a few $ more, get the standard version.
    You can nearly always match/exceed the factory overclocks yourself with little/no effort.
  6. thanks outlaw and hundredisland..

    Ill stick to XFX 250gts Core edition..
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