Gigabyte GTS 250 1 GB Problem Plees help

I recently bought a “Gigabyte GTS 250 1 GB” video card from Malaysia I am have a major problem on it. I was playing “Command an Conquer Red Alert 3” with higher settings its working fine for about 15 to 20 minuets then the PC Restarted automatically the same thing happened to all other games “FARCRY 2” and “CRYSIS warhead” then I lower the graphics settings to very low and tested it. This time the system did not Restart automatically the games are working fine in lower graphics’ settings but the problem arise again when I set the graphics setting back to higher. I really don’t know what is the problem is. I am running on 450 W power supplies. in the system requirement for the Gigabyte GTS 250 1 GB it says its enough for the card I am really upset and worried please let me know what is wrong with my VGA card?

MY Sytem

Driver Ver : nv4_disp (Force Ware 186.18)/XP
Motherboard Brand : INTEL
Model : DG33FB
Operation System : Win XP SP : 2

Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

Mainboard Model : Intel DG33FB

Memory :DDR 2- 4Gb

Power supply : 450 W(Casecom)
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  1. plees any one help me
  2. Exactly which powersupply are you using? Brand and name, please.
    Also, download and use GPUZ, use it to check the graphics card (GPU) temperatures, at idle (Windows desktop), and under load (playing a game)
  3. thanks god some one is helping me......i am using Casecom 450 W PSU (+12V@14A) its a branded one i chekd it in Windows desktop mode the PSU is temprature is normal
    but wen i play games its gating hot like hell
  4. Just check this: Exactly what does the label on the PSU say?
    Fourteen amps on the 12v output is not enough for the system you have.
    Do you mean PSU is getting hot or CPU?
  5. thanks for replying........ oh so how much it need than i meen +12V@?A its not the CPU its the PSU and my HIGHLY doubt is how its working fine almost 15 or 20 mints than crash (only if I am playing games in high settings) if the power is low it sud crash in normal desktop also but its not happen its only happens when I play games please guide me and rescue me from this problem I am soo upset and worried because of this thing.
  6. Yep, the PSU is not enough, time to replace it.
    Look for at least 2X 16Amp outputs on the replacement, do not worry about Wattage too much, look for the 12v outputs.
    As it heats up the power supply becomes less efficient and loses output. Yours is fine under light loads abut when it is loaded heavily it gets hot and looses output, causing the problems. Of course, it takes time for the temperature to rise, just like boiling a kettle, which is why you get the delay.
  7. woow thanks a lot for the clear advise i thought i am Doomed i thought its my VGA card now its sound like its the PSU........i was soo worried that my new VGA card was broken or the best solution is to go for a new PSU i saw a PSU in a shop its a branded one “Amacrox” its 500W with +12V1@25A and 12V2@18A is this a ok one please guide...and one more question y its not heating up when I am in desktop mode and y it not heating up when i play games in lower graphics settings dos it mean increasing the graphic quality of the game will require more power to the VGA correct me if i am wrong and thanks agin thanks for your support.
  8. The CPU and GPU both slow down when running just Windows or a program like Word, this is to save power.
    When playing games, or watching a DVD movie they are put under more load, and increases their speed, drawing more power, causing the PSU to overheat and fail.

    Before you start buying new hardware, Check your temperatures first. Use GPUZ to check the graphics card and Hardware Monitor or Everest for the CPU. Check both and check the at idle (just Windows running) and under load, it is possible you have more than one problem or have misread the PSU specs-it is easily done!
    You should see about 30-40C at idle and no more than 65C under load for the CPU.
    About 50-60C at idle and 80C under load would be OK for the GPU.

    I would be happier with a better known brand but it seems OK, perhaps the shop will let you buy it on 'approval'-Meaning you buy it, try it, and if it doen not solve the problem, they'll take it back and refund you.
  9. WOOOOOOOW u know everything u are a genius. yes the shop is a well knows shop and thay know me well too the way i just got the card yesterday its brand new one and i also reeded lots of review in internet and decide to go for Gigabyte GTS 250 1 GB.........and my question is its not a simtomp of a bad GPU right i meen bad video memory etc i am little bit scared i feel like its a bad GPU too...... what u think plees correct me if i am wrong
  10. I do not think the card is bad or you would see strange artifacts on the screen, see here:

    But I would still check the CPU and GPU temperatures as well before getting a replacement PSU.

    I am not genius, but I too have a local company who knows me well and will do the 'buy on approval' thing. Sometimes the internet is just not enough;)
  11. Your card is most likely fine. Id check those temps on it tho, and get a decent power supply.
    Id make it 30 amps for 2 rails, and 19 amps per rail minimum, but see whats available, and check those temps
  12. thanks for replying for both of i am not gaiting any strange artifacts on the
    screen. so its not a bad card now i am HAPPY thanks for the tip.
    so i tested it using CPUID as u requested.
    using CPUID for CPU and GPU temprature At idle (desktop mode)

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 58°C (136°F) [0x2A] (Core #0)
    Temperature sensor 2 54°C (129°F) [0x2E] (Core #2)
    Temperature sensor 1 57°C (134°F) [0x2B] (Core #1)
    Temperature sensor 3 55°C (130°F) [0x2D] (Core #3)

    GeForce GTS 250 hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 48°C (118°F) [0x30] (GPU Core)

    using CPUID for CPU and GPU temprature At under load (when iam playing games)

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 66°C (150°F) [0x22] (Core #0)
    Temperature sensor 2 61°C (141°F) [0x27] (Core #2)
    Temperature sensor 1 65°C (148°F) [0x23] (Core #1)
    Temperature sensor 3 63°C (145°F) [0x25] (Core #3)

    GeForce GTS 250 hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 54°C (129°F) [0x36] (GPU Core)

    i played the game (command and conqer Redalert 3) only for les then 10 minute is it ok or do i have to play long time and check the belive it or not for me u are a genius becus u are understanding my problem and giving me great solution. thanks.
  13. 10 minutes... should be enough, just by going with the temps you posted, theyre low enough overall to rule out most heat issues.
    Get that power supply, and you should be fine
  14. u guys are relay helped me to understand my problem this forum is the best forum in the world i relay love to thanks the man(coozie7) who helped me throwout this problem and i also love to thank u for your reply and tips and guidelines......i will get the power supply soon and let u guys know what happened
  15. While you are changing the powersupply, take a close look at the CPU cooler and fan. The temperatures are not bad, but a little high, there might be a little fluff or dust trapped on the fan blades or in the cooler fins.
    If there is some dust or fluff trapped there, ^carefully^ clean it out using a small brush, (I use a soft toothbrush bought for just this purpose) but be gentle, do not disturb the cooler itself, just brush it and blow the dust out. Do NOT use a vacuum cleaner!
  16. oh u are back i thout u are gone.... yes their are dust around my CPU fan thanks for the cleaning tip i will try it..
  17. Good cpu core temps under load-50's
  18. Is it all working now?
  19. no i did not get the PSU yet i am using my old VGA (geforce 7600) for the moment until i get the new PSU...thanks for asking.....
  20. i will get the new PSU tomarow after that i let u guys know what happend i am not upset or afriad now becus u guys are with me.....thanks a lot for the sapport.
  21. hi guys i am back i alos got the new PSU the one i told u about and u guys sed its a good one so i bought it......thsnkfully its working fine no problem detected i tested it with my Gigabyte GTS 250 1 GB card for almost 5 hurs it did not crash i played "coammnad and conqer red laert 3" thansks a lot for advising me and giving me tips....the card is extreamly good just awsom i am soo happy i wiont be able to do this witohot u guys thansk a lot.......i f ther anything that i need to know to tune op my pc plaes let me know thansk
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