Mugen 2 on E8400

hey im just wondering about about at what temperature is considered a good temperature. Right now i run at about 57 degree max and 45degree idle on E8400 CPU at 3.0Ghz. I've seen online ppl saying that they have 30 degree idle some even 20s the only thing i suspect for my current temperature is that i put too much thermal paste on and i have to redo this


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  1. How much paste did you put? If you spread it, it should be as thin as a sheet of paper. What is your room temperature? Getting the CPU temp in the 20s requires a room in the 10s.
  2. lets say around 2-3 sheets of paper
  3. That's too much. Spread it as thin as possible (I use an old credit card to do it) or apply the size of a grain of rice in the middle. Heat paste should fill the voids between the heatsink and the CPU; it shouldn't act as an insulator between them.
  4. alright ill reinstall and see how it goes
  5. Give more details, case, airflow, ambient temperature, cpu fan speed at max or not

    why didnt you overclock by the way.

    redoing the thermal paste wouldnt make much of a difference and i suggest you use one of the better thermal pastes
  6. use a rice grain sized dot of paste in the center. less is more
  7. i haven't overclocked because i haven't fixed this problem and my settings keep going bak to default from installations . I just reinstalled and went through lots of trouble with my board keep grounding in dual channel mode for RAMS i no it doesn't make sense but i've gone from dual channel to single channel now and the temperature dropped by 2 at least i have 1 fan directly blowing through mugen 2 and another fan exhuasting on the other side both going at 1200 rpm and around 47avg CFM i really regret reinstalling
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