Why is it lagging so bad!!??

Ok so when i play games like nfsu and san andreas and others it lags realy badly i mean its like a photo slideshow ^^.. anyways this guy on youtube got the same comp as me and he got videos recorded playing alot of games whitout any lagg at all and he even told me that my comp is alittle newer then his and he thinks its wieard its lagging... anyways here are my computer specs.. iv installed grapich driver from the ASUS disk and directx9.. hope to get some good answers :)


and heres the link to the videos of that guy whit the same specs


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  1. What settings are you using? He is using very, very low ones.
  2. It's your GPU that is causing the lag. try the lowest graphics game ettings.
  3. Also, is your RAM setup for dual-channel? It looks like they're in the DIMMs that are right next to each other. Usually, ever other DIMM has the same color, and RAM modules should be placed in same-color slots to be utilized in dual channel.
  4. well iv tried the lowest grapich setnings in all the games too but barly makes any difference :S... anyways im planning on buying a grapich card anyone got any tip on what to get.. not to fancy tough
  5. My recommendations:

    sub $100 = 4670
    $100 = 4830
    $150 = 4870
    $150 = GTX 260 216 core
    $200 = 4890
    $250 = Sapphire 4890 Toxic edition
    $300 = 2 GTX 260 216 or Sapphire 4890 Atomic edition
    $350 = 4870 X2 (shop around)
    $400 = 2 4890s

    You get the idea.
  6. Wow - you have a terrible graphics card. If you can't afford to replace it, set all games to the lowest possible settings, but if possible, the best thing to do would be to replace your card. Something like a 4670 or 9600GT would massively improve your framerates.
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