Decent graphic card with 400w power supply

Hi guys,

I am looking for a graphic card(either ati or nvidia) to replace my nvidia 8600gt ddr2 128bit 256mb. I am using zen fanless 400w power supply. What options do I have?

most of high end graphic card requires min. of 400w, which I think I should avoid.
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  1. Maybe an HD 4770 would suit you.
    You can even go with 9600GT.
  2. BTW is that a generic psu?
  3. @shubham1041// thanks! no, it is not generic psu. you can find it here
  4. @shubham1041 // says that I need min. of 450w power supply. Can I use it???
  5. You can run even an 4850/ GTS250 on that PSU...
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