CPU & HD are too Hot - Fan Geras Up and system slows???

Can anyone tell me what I should do? MY PC is a Sony Vaio, 3yrs old and not heavy usage. But for a month or so now my fan is going at high levels (noisy from boosting up) and a monitor tells me the CPU and HD are at 136f. Way too hot. Is my problem just the fan or something else? No viruses of malware are evident. Cheers! Kate
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  1. Dust, young padawan.
    Either clean it yourself (if you know what you're doing) or take it to a tech-guy.

    Dust blocks the hot air flow inside the computer and the temperatures go up. The fan tries to fix it by speeding up, but if the thing is all clogged with dust that wont do no good.

    Clean it frequently (once every 6 months, depending on your local conditions)!

    by the way, is it a laptop? Cause 136f on a laptop is not so high as on a desktop.
    If cleaning doesn't solve the slowness (the fan problem should be solved) then you also have a software problem. (clean the registry, reinstall windows after formating... etc).
  2. CPU at 136F is not that bad, all things considered (140F = 60C), although that is dangerous for HD's...
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