Help!!! My new comp wont boot up!!!!

ok just put together my setup it consists of
-EVGA x58 sli
- i7 920
-thermaltake tr2 430 watt
- crucial 3gig ddr 3 tripple channel ram
- evga ge force 9500 gt pie-e 2.0
- sony 20x dvr rw
- 80 gig seagate hard drive Ide to sata converter

Ok not sure if this is the problem but i am using my old harddrive with windows xp. I also had to get an ide to sata converter. I turn on the powersupply press the power button and i get to bios. What happens is the comp boots up to the windows loading copyright screen then flashes blue screen with white wording then resets./?????? Im sure I am missing something very simple. All i tweaked on the bios was turning on the pci express option..

I purchased the cheap ram powersupply and video card because i am saving up for the good stuff.

O also i did not apply any heatsink paste because i thought the stock fan came with some already on it. Looks like three greay strips on the bottom of cpu fan cooler. I checked temp and it was around 45C so dont think that was the problem.
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  1. Is the HD being recognized in the BIOS? If not, probably an issue with the IDE to SATA converter.
  2. i have the converter on sata>=ide and it recognizes it in bios yes.
  3. You cant drop your old HDD with windows installed in yuor new machine and expect it to run. The XP is likely oem and tied to the machine it was on. It has drivers and registry entries for the old motherboard and it cant find them on the new one so obviously it dont work. You need to reformat and reinstall a OS, I recommend Windows 7.
  4. Are using a fresh XP install, or did you just reconnect it to new mobo?
  5. daship you beat me to it.
  6. ohhhhh yah thats what i did. ok windows 7 just finished dling can i burn it to disk?
  7. Burn it and install it. Boot from DvD and follow the directions.
  8. Dont just burn the download to the disc you have to burn the .iso to disk, I use imgburn.
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