Cooler for a 955

Well as my case isn't that wide to fit cm212+ I have two options to change my stock 955phenom cooler.

It's scytche katana 3 and coolermaster tx3.

As both costs almost the same. Which of them would be better for a little oc, cool temps and queitness?
I have 15cm of space from the motherboard to the side of the case.

My current temps are 40c idle and 58-62 load.
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  1. The Scythe is better.
    What case?
  2. ^+1 What case?
  3. You're right, the Hyper 212+ doesn't fit in your case.

    I'd go with the Davcon's suggestions or this another one if a good options too:
  4. What about scythe katana? Would it fit?

    What would be better? Scytche katana3 or tx3 with two 92mm coolers?

    I need to buy it very soon because the smell in my room is very bad from my pc lol. Because of summer has come gpu load temps has raised to 88c lol, when in spring it was only 71.
  5. I'd go with the Katana 3, is better even with dual fan in TX3 and fit in your case without problems.
  6. Any other coolers up to a 23pounds from ebay uk?
  7. Nope not a very good selection there.
    The Scythe RASETSU is a much larger cooler and 130mm tall.

    Scythe Katana 3 Heatpipe Quiet CPU Cooler
  8. u c, I'm not from uk. Only shop I no that ships to all europe and has that cooler is ebay lol :D
  9. So. Where are you from?

    Frozen CPU, Performance-pcs and Sidewindercomputers ship internationally.
  10. Lithuania. I'll check your links.
  11. So should I go with scythe katana 3 or CM tx3?
  12. Katana 3 is the best bet
  13. thanks.
  14. Restrictions suck. I love my Noctua.
  15. Love it carefuly,it could hurt u. :D

    What is wrong with u, write a model, dimmensions, proper advice.
  16. It says that tx3 is compatible with 130w TDP cpu, and scythe katana only 65w. So why the diff is so big? Or it doesn't mean anything?
  17. This is my 3rd post in a row,sorry.
    But I need simple advice. Could someone upload a display of how to put thermal grease correctly on a 955phenom, because my scythe katana has arrived.
    Also I wanted to know how to remove old thermal grease in a home conditions, for ex. what I have to use? An alcohol or a glass cleaner or smth like that?
  18. You can find here:

    The best process to apply the TIM, remember that you need apply the TIM to the cooler and NOT to the CPU.
  19. ***. i've put it on cpu.Should I remove it?

    I saw this page before applying TIM. So which way is the best? Maybe the last one. split TIM manualy ?

    Which way you prefer?
  20. You have the same surface of the review's cooler, so, follow the step on it and you will be fine. Remember not apply a lot of TIM, that can give you problems when you adjust the cooler with pressure to the CPU.
  21. Well I've replaced TIM, and put even thinner layer of it.

    Now @3,4ghz idle are about 38C with 530rpm.

    I'll try to stress cpu with cpuburn. Is there any better app than a coretemp to record temps?

    What temps are exact temps of my cpu at aida64? cpu or cpu core 1,2,3,4. Because core temps are bit higher at load and lower at idle than a cpu temps
  22. For stress test:

    y-cruncher in stress test mode

    For reading temps and other stuffs


    For know the max load temp, test the CPU for 30 minutes or more.
  23. But the 38c idle temp ,even with my awful case, is a bit hot @3,4?
  24. A little, but check the fan configuration your BIOS. Keep in mind that the TIM needs sometime to get the best performance and the important temps are the load temps.
  25. 3minutes prime95 - 65c :(
  26. Not good, you have something wrong there.
  27. Highest temp was 66c. Aida64 is showing 62c cpu and ~64c for all cores.

    Maybe I've put too small amount of TIM?
  28. How did you cleaned the old TIM?
  29. With some alcohol and a sock. :D then rubbed it with a white cloth and there were no evidence of TIM being left.
  30. Remove the side panel of your case and test again.
  31. 58-61. Maybe that scythe is a higher cooler side of the case prevents fan from suckin air?

    But I think these temps are also too high. Because it's almost the same as it was with a stock cooler and with open side.
  32. How many fans does you case have and how are installed this?
  33. Front 12cm(in), back 8cm(out). katana3 are blowing air to the back of case.
  34. Not a good airflow I think.
  35. Switch the places of the case fans, a crappy fullspeed 80mm fan can just about match a 120mm fan at moderate speeds. I should know, my B55 is crying that I can't get a better cooler for it for overclocking.
  36. There's no mounting holes for a 120mm at the back,only for a 92mm.

    But i don't get it. Why temperatures slightly raised with a new cooler? I've put it wrong maybe? I know that there's no airflow in my case,but temperatures had to drop.
  37. It's not that bad, it couln't be worse than a stock, but it's performing that way.

    Also maybe I've been expecting too much from that cooler.
    For now it's idling 35-38c, and prime 95 running for hours shows 57-59c. also at start of prime95 test it jumps to 61,but then cooler starts to spin and it drops to 58 and keeps there @3,4GHZ.

    All this stuff is happening with side of the case removed.

    Ofcourse some ppl, overclocked to 3,4 is having same temps with a stock cooler with their cases closed.

    I'm confused.
  38. Nothing to be confused about.
    That's probably what can be expected considering your cases airflow.
    If you case was big enough to fit a D-14 or Silver Arrow their performance would still hampered by case airflow dynamics.
    You can expect much better results in a case with 2-3 x 120mm fans.
    From looking at this it appears to me you can add a 3rd fan on the side panel.
    I would also remove the vent port on the side panel and leave it open.
  39. But why stock cooler performs almost the same? :)

    btw stock never performed above safe 62c zone.
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