XFX 4890 Buzzing under load

Hi everyone, im new to the forum, hopefully someone will be able to help me out!

I'm having a problem with my XFX 4890 Black edition buzzing when under load. The noise is not the fan and sounds more like its coming from the middle of the card.

I built this new PC a few weeks ago and originally had a standard XFX 4890 which I RMA'd with the same problem. I did not notice the problem the first few days after building, but I had a side mounted 120mm fan colling the GPU originally which might have been masking the buzzing noise. I moved the fan to the front a few days after building for better air flow. While I moved the fan I also removed the 4 Pin ATX 12V and connected the 8 Pin EPS 12V connector on the Mobo, as when i built the PC I had stupidly connected the 4pin connector. It was then i started to notice the buzzing noise from the GPU.

I tested connecting the 4pin ATX again but the buzzing noise was still there. so I think it was just the side fan masking the noise before.

I RMA'd the card but opted to replace it with the XFX 4890 Black edition. There is still a buzzing noise from the card under load. Some games seem to be worse than others. HAWK and Crysis cause loud buzzing, maybe because these games are more graphic intensive. COD World at War only generates a slight buzz from the GPU. Im running most games at 1920 x 1200, 4xAA and details on high.
As soon as i exit a game or on loading screens the buzzing stops.

I have had a look online and some people seem to be on their 3rd RMA'd card with the same buzzing noises, Some people say its normal, some people say its a fault and to return the card! Some people have tried upgrading their PSU to 850w-1000w believing they might not have enough power for the card but still buzzing.

My spec is:

i7 920 Stock speed
Asus P6T SE
3GB Corsair XMS3
XFX 4890 Black edition
1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1
Antec TruePower New 650w

Im worried that the card is maybe being damaged and that the life of the card might be reduced.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. All electronics make noise under certain situations.

    The noise you hear is harmonic distortino of the materials in the electronics. Cappacitors, inductors, AC circuits, transformers, etc. will all make this noise. The higher the power of the part the more this noise can happen. As the current changes (due to being AC, or from gibbs phenomenon) magnetic materials will expand and contract, making the noise you here.

    The nosie is usually in the voltage regs of a GPU/MB or in the transformer and regs in a powersupply. How loud and how annoying it will be depends on the setup and is pretty rancom. Sometime sit doesnt ahppen at all, sometimes it is realyl annoying. It is also dependant on temperature and power draw, thus it may depend on GPU load as well.

    There is nothing you can do about it, other than try to RMA over and over hoping to get lucky. XFX is usually good about this sort of thing, most companies don't consider it grounds for RMA though, as it is not broken, and is jsut an annoyance.

    As you get older you also lose the ability to hear it in a lot of cases :D
  2. Ive heard theres a 15 day return, no questions asked by many retailers , with cards being brought in with this problem. The above mentioned parts on gpus and mobos are supposed to be coated, or waxpotted to help in the prevention of harmonic noise, as it deadens, or helps deaden the ultra vibrations, but sometimes its not enough for the capacity/usage of the part.
    Its been seen alot more recently, and it must be due to process changes, like higher frequencies/power usage, and smaller processes
  3. ^ And tightwad companies saving every penny!
  4. Aye jaydeejohn, they are supposed to be coated (most are now a days). Though that really just minimizes the amplitude and depending on your ears may not be enough to make it bearable. I myself have a terrible time noticing things like this, where as my gf can pick it out from another room.

    We need nonferromagnetic components :D
  5. Someone in another thread said that even the mobos themselves become a literal sounding board at times. Anything that is connected can be a resonator.

    So, I guess if its low pitched, its a component acting on the pcb, and if its high, its the component itself heheh
  6. Quote:
    Ye, just ignore it.

    I get a whiny noise when displaying high fps like on loading and menuscreens so I enable v-sync and it goes away for the most part.

    For me, the noise is much less noticable when on loading screens. It seems to be under 3D load that its at its loudest. Your right V-Sync does help, but on certain games it can still easily be heard over the 3 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm fan I have in my PC!
  7. Same here with my GTX285 OC2. and my old 9800GTX+ was also doing this but less noticable.

    This is not anoying me cause im gaming with Headset covering my full ears.
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