Molex to 6-pin for 4890??

I wanted to keep cables to a minimum so i went with a modular version of the corsair 750w psu as seen here$S180W$

problem is, each cable comes with ONE FREAKIN 6PIN so i need to use 4 cables to run my 2 4890's and so im looking into alternatives, point being, would anyone use molex-6-pin for such expensive cards? wouldn't i lose a lot of power? :heink:
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  1. As long as all of the power is coming out of the same 12 volt rail it shouldn't matter how it gets to the card. As long as the PSU is a single rail it'll supply the same appres through molex or pcie connectors. If its multiple rails and the rails are connected to different connectors things might not work then because the cpu and the gpu's might end up overloading one of the rails. If its a single 12 volt rail you should be fine.
  2. its single rail.. thanks for reply im just shy about conversion cables as one fried my blu-ray burner :(
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