LCD Panel / Screen for gaming?

Hi fellow hardware geeks :)
I presume, this question has been asked a 1000 times already, if so please direct me to the proper (stickied?) thread, tia!

What's the best gaming flat panel/LCD out there at the moment?

I REALLY want to replace my s***ty Samsung 204B LCD as I can't remember being this disappointed with a screen for gaming as that one. At the moment I'm on a dual screen setup, relying also on my trusty old Philips 109B from 2000 for proper FPS gaming. Yes, I said proper FPS gaming, meaning I'm only into the Quake series, where high FPS and corresponding fast screen (high refresh rate/herz) are CRUCIAL to proper gaming performance.
To get proper gaming refreshrate I'm restricting QuakeLive and Quake III Arena to 1024*768 res, because that's the only resolution where i can get over 100 hz refreshrate on my 109B, doing 125 fps ingame to do proper powermoves.

So, after my first LCD disappointment, are there any hopes for the gaming high-FPS geeks like me wanting to get a new monitor with nice size and colours, without totally disrupting gameplay?

I'm looking for a LCD screen, preferable in the 20-24" range, price is not important!

I'm really looking forward to hearing your best guesses :D

Thanks in Advance,
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  1. Sony are, as far as I know, the only company currently selling 120Hz flat panels, take a quick tour of Google and your 'phone book see if anyone local is selling them and pop over to take a look at one.

    If you have the room perhaps a larger CRT? There are several places selling used or sometimes old 'new' stock and a want ad might also get results. Just an idea.
  2. Thanks, coozie7, but theres only 3 CRTs on sale here in Denmark, and they aren't really a big improvement. I can only find the Samsung 120 hz lcd here in Denmark, and tbh, it doesn't seem like what I really want. What are the Sonys, your talking about?

    If any others out there got any specific suggestions, please do tell! :D
  3. fwiw, i noticed the BenQ V2400W on, or even the BenQ G2400WD, does ne1 out here have a comment or even tried one of these? I do agree with coozie7 though, that the new 120 hz screens seems promising, but maybe its worth a wait just yet?
  4. OOPS:( Sorry, I meat Samsung. And LG are in on the act as well for HDTV.
    Da** techknowlogy...SLOW DOWN will you I can't keep up!
    Well, flat panel is not for everyone, we have had a few posts, just like yours, and the best that is around is the new 120Hz panels.
    Sorry, looks like you're stuck with the 109B:(
  5. darrrrn... that S*X! :/
    I was afraid this wasn't going to be easy... especially when like me, you're after a screen capable of delivering proper high-fps gaming performance. I just cant believe there's so few out there with the same need as me... or maybe they're just clutching the good ole crt's, petting them like deranged... oh whatever! :D
  6. Nobody got any experience with high-fps gaming screens?
  7. MadGabZ said:
    I can only find the Samsung 120 hz lcd here in Denmark, and tbh, it doesn't seem like what I really want.

    I would buy the Samsung even tomorrow if I had enough money. It looks like it's a brilliant LCD monitor. Review here. I've read about a Viewsonic that supports 120Hz, can't remember the model name, you may want to google it.
  8. OK, point taken, andyKCIUK. I'd better go google and read up on those 120 Hz lcd's.

    To be perfectly honest, its really about time, Toms Hardware did a proper test of GAMING-oriented flatpanels/screens, especially this new breed of 120 hz screens. I know, 85% of gamers are casual gamers ( I used to be one of DK's first Gaming researchers! ;) ), but the rest really demands best performance OVERALL. But still, there's generally such a big focus on gfx-cards, whereas their performance in the high-fps games are indeed crucial, but not really fully taken advantage of, when you can't VIEW the resulting images properly.
    IMHO, there's still a lot of people playing high-fps games (Quake series, UT-series, Starcraft, SupCom) where a proper screen (high refreshrate, low response-time and low/none inputlag) really can make a difference.
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