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So after a few days of researching and reading reviews, I came down to two cases to pick: the HAF 932 or the Antec 1200.

I am leaning towards the 932, but the case doesn't come with any dust filters and my room have serious dust problems, it is literally a dust magnet. I thought about buying fan filters but the intakes fans on the 932 are all huge.

Which case do you guys think is better? Any solutions or suggestions would be nice and tyvm. :)
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  1. HAF. IMO the Antec 1200 is very cramped.

    You can make your own dust filters using a pantyhose.
  2. I have dusty conditions here with my 932 too. I have had the case 5 months now and opened it up once to clean it out. I blew it out and everything was cool. It seemed to be actually cleaner inside than my old cases have been after that time. I think there is just so much air flow in the case that it takes awhile for a lot of stuff to settle.
  3. hmm....what do you guys think about the Storm Sniper?

    I think it's right in between the two with a few added fans.
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    I have the HAF 932. It is a huge case. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. A technical review of the cooling capacity of the case with just the stock fans was very favorable.

    The Storm Sniper is another huge case.

    Case fans could be added to both cases but it is not really necessary.
  5. antec 9o2 or the silverstone ftg-02w
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