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I am looking for a more stable driver for my nvidia geforce 8400 so I can play Warcraft on my Vista Notebook (HP Pavilion87000). Any driver I have found to work so far (i.e. the latest driver) causes NMLVDDKM errors. Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you been trying to use drivers from NVIDIA's website, or HP's? Laptop manufacturers usually require that you use drivers from their website, for some weird reason. :heink: And what is this Pavilion 87000? I'm curious about the specs.
  2. I have no idea what NMLVDDKM errors are, but I always had problems with the 18x.xx drivers with my 8800 GTS cards. Games crashed, froze, system would lock up. Then one day I took Nvidia's advice and turned off my virus pgm when I installed their video drivers. problem solved...
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