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My home built system (<1 year old) recently experienced a sever crash and I'm trying to pin down the cause and I was hoping for some ideas.

I was playing a game when my speakers started popping and cracking and then the screen went black but the system remained powered on and running. I tried to reboot the computer but the reboot switch did nothing. So I switche doff the system and after a while powered back on, there was no post or anything, the system went straight to black screen. The follwing morning I turned the system on and it went to Windows (although the BIOS lost the settings and I had to load deafults) and there was a CHECKSUM error. When Windows loaded, it recognized the Sound Card as new hardware which seemed odd. After a bit it crashed again and went to the black screen again. Ever since it will not boot and goes directly to black screen, no POST nothing.

I suspect the Motherboard or possibly the processor......thoughts?

My system consists of the following:

MSI K9N2 Platinum
AMD Phenom II AM2+
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium
BFG Tech GTX 260
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  1. D you try with another PSU? and change the RAM sticks from slot, try one by one.
  2. Haven't tried eitehr of those steps but I'll give it a try. Everything seems to be getting power, fans, lights, etc.

    One thing, there are a series of LEDs on the MB that are lighting up. They are labeled LEDs 4 through 11 and they do the following sequence about evey 3 seconds or so:

    LEDs 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 are continously lit RED
    LED 11 blinks once rapidly
    LED 9 turns green and LED 8 turns off
    Repeat cycle
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    Check the mobo, maybe is something in short with the case...
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