Modern Warfare 2, On what Card ?

So here is the big question i have for all of you!

I just sold my 280 for 250$ and have the option of getting a 4890 (mobo supports CrossFire but not SLI, so i can expand) or a nother 280?

The main thing here is that i want to play Modern Warfare 2 when it comes out on high settings 1680x1050 and i dont want it to lagg! can i get away with a 4890 or do i need to get the 280 or even 285 ?
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  1. Isn't it going to use the same engine as Modern Warfare 1?
  2. Wind up most new games to maximum and they can all bring any single GPU down, if not to its knees then they'll make it sweat!
    But yes, the HD4890 should handle that resoloution nicely.
    As would the GTX280.
    *puts on pointy ears* But why did you sell the GTX280, only to ask about putting another one in? It is illogical.
  3. *borrows coozies ears* just as pointless as asking about a unreleased games engine....

    BTW you don't get these back...
  4. ^^^Hey...Give them back!
  5. Well im asking about the 280 because i told my friend I'd sell it to him and he gave me 250$ enough to get a new one so thats why im asking! i know i cant play it Ultra high but high enough so it looks good thats all im looking for!

    BTW Thanks for the fast reply!
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