Problems - Reinstall the operating system on Acer Aspire 5102


I tried to reinstall the operating system on my computer, but it did not work. I did as follows:

1. Restart the computer.
2. When the Acer logo appears on the screen, press the Alt and F10 keys.
3. After the system recovery application has loaded, follow the prompts to reinstall the Operating System.

It asked me the password and I entered the password. Then the system started to run. After that, the computer restarted. However, it kept pop up in a loop/cycle: Acer logo then Window XP, then Acer logo, then Window XP....

Could you please help me to let me know what I should do. I also tried to used Acer Recovery back up disks (2 disks). These disks were obtained when I turned on the Acer at the first time and the system allowed me to make Acer Recovery back up disks.

I have Acer Aspire 5102WLMi.

Please help me as soon as you can.

P.S. This problem also happened long time ago and my co-worker helped me ...He was successfully to reinstall the operating system for my Acer computer. However, my co-worker is no longer working and therefore, I cannot ask for his help.


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  1. When you tried to restore using the CDs, make sure you select the CD-rom as the first bootable device on the PC.
  2. try taking it to yhe acer store
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