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I got this case:
which comes with a front case fan with a blue LED light. I was wondering if it was possible to wire the reset button to toggle the light on and off. I never use the reset capability so it would not be missed. If that is not possible, what would be other options for toggling the fan LED power?

I am also planning on adding two 120mm case fans in the side fan spots. What orientation should I put these fans (intake vs exhaust) and should I switch the orientation of any of the current fans (current orientation is front intake, back of the top intake and top of the back exhaust)? I was considering having the two new fans and the front fan as intake and then the other two as exhaust, but I am not sure what would be best.
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  1. Reset Button: Possible, yes. Recommended? NO. If you don't like the LED fan, get a fan w/o LED. Cheaper and safer.

    Fan Orientation: Front, and sides into case (intake). Top and back fans out of case (exhaust). Yes, you will have 3 in and 2 out, but one of the outs is a 140mm fan. And if you have a graphics card, that will exhaust, too.
  2. +1, if you dont like the lights, trim the led's wires or swap the fan out
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