Heatpipes vs Water Cooling in heat transfer

Which transfer heat faster and more effeciently, the liquid in a heatpipe or the water/liquid in a LC Setup?
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  1. Whats the point of the question?

    Cooling performance generally goes chunk of metal < heatpipe cooling ~ small sealed water coolers < "real" water cooling. If you need the lowest 24/7 temps, a real water cooling loop is the best way to go.
  2. Yep.

    1. Water cooling
    2. Heat sink with heat pipes
    3. Heat sink
  3. The BEST 24/7 cooling would involve a TEC or "Peltier" which would then be cooled by a water cooling loop. LN2 or dry ice can get a chip colder, but not for 24/7 use. Again, if you give us the point of the question I'm sure we can give you a better answer.
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