Coexistence RAID and non-RAID backup drive, possible ?

Here is my setup.
I have an intel DQ965CO mother board and I have enabled RAID in the BIOS.

I have RAID1 config with 2 drives. Now, I want to add another drive
in non-RAID mode so that I can store the backups on it.

IS it possible? When I boot my system after adding the 3rd drive, I can
see it in the Inter Matrix Storage Manager, but it not allow any
actions on it e.g. format it etc.. I have vista installed and teh new drive is
not even visible directly from Vista.

I am stuck..

Thanks for any input
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  1. Have you gone into the bios/raid setup and told the system what to do with the drive?
    Some raid controllers will let you mix raids on one controller. Some might not. If you see the option on just the new drive to set it as JBOD, use that. Be sure not to change any settings on your existing raid.
    Once that is done, go into disk management in windows and partition and format the new drive to your liking.
  2. Hello Strum. Thank You for the answer.. It was indeed the BIOS setting that I had missed out.
    I was able to access and format the disk after changing the BIOS setting.
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