AMD Athlon II X2 250 vs Phenom II X3 705e

I am trying to decide which one of these to get. I will be using my computer for some gaming, movies, or homework and general stuff like that. Do I go for the 6 mb L3 and 3 cores at 2.5ghz, or the cheaper dual core at 3.0ghz? Please give me some of your reviews or opinions about these processors or something else. I only have a 285w psu, and my motherboard isn't compatible with everything. I suppose I could upgrade my psu if the cpu isn't too expensive... Thanks

CPU Compatibility for MSI K9N6PGM2-V

My System
MSI K9N6PGM2-V Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 @ 2.2ghz
MSI N9400GT-MD512 Geforce 9400GT 512MB GPU
Austin Stock PSU 285 watts (came with barebone)
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  1. The dual core processor will draw less power and it will probably overclock higher. So, unless you likely to be running a lot of well threaded programs I'd go with the dual core. It would probably be the cooler running of the two as well.
  2. The Phenom II X3 705e is actually volted lower. The PhIIs have a touch better power management features.

    If you could swing the extra $10 you could also undervolt the 720BE and enjoy the goodness of the unlocked CPU multiplier when yah wanted to crank it up ...
  3. Yeah that's a good question. Since you have a 9400gt, its obvious gaming isn't your ultimate goal. I'm not sure how much benefit you'd have with an extra core at a lower clock speed.
    I'm gonna go with beans on this one. Get the dual core to get you by until your ready for a new build.
  4. I'd personally go for the X3. It has an extra core and 6MB of L3 cache and games love cache and since apps (and games like GTA4 for example) are becoming more and more multithreaded it will be the most "future proof". Along the line you can buy a nice heatsink and overclock it if it gets too slow.
  5. hi,
    I don't think the 720be is compatible with my motherboard. Will either of these be an improvement over my 4200?
  6. My guess is that the 720be work. I'm reading people have use that CPU in GeForce 6100 systems. Probably the worst thing that can happen is that the multiplier won't unlocked? The manufactures are probably too lazy to test every new CPU out.

    Any of the new "II"s will be a big improvement.

    Even a 240 should be an option and save your money for the 32 nm chips.
  7. hi,
    I was looking at reviews for the 720 be and it looks great, all good reviews, but i was disappointed when i saw that my motherboard only supports am3 cpu up to 65w. I was comparing the athlon ii with other processors on that benchmark site and the 250 does a lot better at stuff that i normally do, and it appears to be right behind the phenom ii in gaming/3d. Unless anyone else has any suggestions I think i am gonna go with the 250. Thanks for all your help.

    K9N6PGM2-V Specs
  8. Yes the 250 looks like the best fit for your motherboard. Got one for my son and he loves it. It runs great and and he's a gamer.
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