Peeling label inside case -- what glue to use to restick?

Hi, can anyone recommend a glue for sticking a label on inside a computer case? In particular onto a video card?

I'm moving an older graphics card to a new system build. The label is peeling off. Probably for the usual reason -- heat from the GPU or hot air from the system case caused the adhesive to degrade. It looks lousy. I know I could just peel it off the rest of the way, but I'd rather stick it back on.

Elsewhere in my house to stick a label back on, I'd use either rubber cement, contact cement or household glue (white glue / PVA glue), but inside a computer case, I'd want the glue to be rated to withstand heat. I wouldn't want it to just peel off again. So I guess I need a glue rated for 100C or 212F, since some GPUs can get up to the boiling point of water. This label actually goes on the cooler vent housing which is plastic and offset from the GPU, but a little headroom can't hurt.

The video card, if it matters, is a BFG 8800 GTS OC 512:
I have two, and one is peeling, one is not -- must be from different manufacturing runs. And yes, I already asked their tech support. They can't recommend anything.

I'll see what they suggest at the hardware store, but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone's done this before.
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  1. Umm, i wouldn't recommend it at all really and i don't know anything that can withstand the heat of a graphics card that isn't like industrial strength metallic based adhesive (the stuff they use in car cylinders etc).

    Might be a good idea to scarifice some vanity for practicality here..
  2. +1 Griffolion.

  3. I appreciate the quick response, but the evidence is against you. Any number of products made to go inside PC cases have stuck-on labels. So on the manufacturing side there are adhesives considered sufficient to do the job. Sure, some of them peel off over time after enough heat exposure. But some stay stuck on pretty well for the life of the component.

    All I'm asking here is, what over-the-counter adhesive is similar?

    Sure, I can understand your reluctance to consider the idea. At first glance it sounds like there might be some kind of problem in application -- accidentally covering air vents with the label, accidentally dripping adhesive onto a PCB. But actually that's pretty unlikely. In this case the label is being stuck right back onto where it's supposed to go, so it's not going to be blocking any vents. And with no vent holes, even if I'm negligently careless and slop liquid adhesive everywhere, it's not going to get inside the video card. But for that matter, as long as I let the adhesive cure before turning on the machine, it's pretty unlikely to cause a problem ... everyone knows if you accidentally get water inside a PC, all you need to do is let it dry completely before turning the system on.

    Anyway, I'll have a browse at the hardware store glue aisle and try something out and post back here as to how well it works.
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